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  • Trade Homes with MEMBERS for Your Vacation!
  • Vacation Stay for FREE!
  • HOST  LDS Conference Visitors in Your Home
  • Find a Family to Stay With for LDS CONFERENCE

WHAT WE DO: Utah! Home Exchange provides an information center to enable members of the Church, worldwide, to trade houses for their vacations.  Our service is also used to bring together LDS Conference visitors and available host homes.

HOME EXCHANGE IS DEFINED AS: "You stay in my home while I stay in yours." We trade houses for vacations. No hotel bills! With home exchange we all get to vacation in a nice, cosy home for free!

Avantages of Utah! Home Exchange

  • Come Vacation in UTAH!
  • Find MEMBERS to Trade With!
  • Stay in REAL HOMES with Character!
  • Make Great New Friends WORLDWIDE!
  • HELP Conference Visitors!
  • Conference Visitors can AFFORD to Come!
  • Stay for FREE!  No Hotel Costs, ZERO!
  • TRAVEL More Often!
  • You can afford to STAY LONGER on your vacation!

OPTIONS:  You might switch houses at the same time; or you can be at home to host your guests, and visit them later.  Or you might just host LDS Conference visitors.  You choose how you want to use our service.   Find out more about different types of exchange in Question # 10 on our Registration Form, or check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

Often people trade cars, too. This saves you even more money! Then your only cost is getting yourself there!

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LEARN MORE:  Lots of people would love a vacation but don't even know how Utah! Home Exchange can help them afford it. So here's an open letter from us to you . . .

Dear Far-Away Friend,
We first learned about vacation home exchange about 1992, during the six years our family was living in Europe. Big slick catalogs showed the homes available for exchange. I thought it was a really great idea, but I was cautious about trading homes with just anybody. How could I find people to trade with who had values similar to mine?

I always thought there must be members of the Church all over the world who would love to come to Utah for a vacation. They could come and go to Temple Square, Conference, family reunions, or do genealogy. They could come for the mountains to ski and hike, or the red rock desert and bike and raft or go four-wheeling. Besides, all the people in Utah want to go somewhere else for their vacation. So, let's trade houses! We'll all save money and have a great time!

I decided to open a home exchange business that trades in and out of Utah. Since the Internet has made expensive catalogs a thing of the past, it's finally feasible. Our website is www.uthomex.com where you can list your home and find a like-minded family to trade with.

There are several ways to trade. Two families might decide to swap homes for two weeks in August. That's the most common exchange.  Or, if schedules don't line up to vacation simultaneously, people can just trade visits. This is called a Hospitality Exchange. You might go see them in April, and then have them visit you in September. You are at home when they come visit you.

Additionally, lots of people in Utah would enjoy hosting others during LDS Conference week. Then they might visit the other family later.

There's a place on the registration form to indicate what kind of an exchange you want to make and when you want to go.

If you think this is something which might be for you, fill out and submit the registration form right here on-line, and let's get started. It should only take about ten minutes. You can also download and print a paper copy and mail it in. The address is on the form.

If you're like me, you always have a million questions before you decide. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page. I think the more you know, the better you'll like the idea.

How much does it cost? Eventually, this will develop into a profitable business, but for now, it's not even paying its' expenses. This is because we believe in the idea so much we're actually listing houses for FREE. That makes it a really good deal for you! It doesn't even cost you the normal listing fee!

We're offering a FREE one-year listing in order to develop the database. As our group gets larger, the cost will have to go up to $56 US per year. Register now, while it's still free!

If you want more information about home exchange, just do a quick search on the Internet. Type into Google or other search engine "vacation home exchange" and look at how many companies it shows. Just remember, ours is unique because our market niche is mostly members trading with each other, in and out of Utah!

Please fill out the Registration Form either on-line or on paper and send it in.

If you've already checked the Frequently Asked Questions page, and you still have questions, I can be contacted by e-mail on the Contact Us page.

You can even download a copy of this letter and the registration form, if you'd like to share it with a friend. Pass it around . . . you're the best advertising there is!

Meanwhile, I hope your life is rich and happy!

-Carolyn Henson

HOW IT WORKS: What to expect, step by step...

First:  You register your own home by completing the on-line Registration Form and clicking "Submit." (If you prefer, you may print it and mail us the paper copy.)

You will have an opportunity to include digital photos of your home. You can do that when you register, or you can add photos later.

Second:  We review every listing for appropriate content.  In a few hours, you will see your home listed on this website.

You will get an e-mail giving your Uthomex ID number (which acts as your username) and your password.   You should write these down, because you will need them later. 

Third:  When you are ready to plan your vacation, you choose a few homes from our listings with whom you might like to swap.

At the bottom of each of those listings, there is a button saying “Contact the Owner.” You simply click on that button. You will be asked to login with your username and password. If you are already a Uthomex member, the owner’s contact information will appear to you.

Note: Contact information does not appear until you log in!

Fourth:  Now you write those people a nice e-mail telling about yourselves and your home, and that you are interested in exchanging homes with them.  For an idea of what to say, check out our Suggested Forms.

After several e-mails and phone calls, you will finalize your home exchange!

Unregistered folks will be directed to register before they can log in.  Contact information will only appear to those registered members who log in with their own Uthomex ID number and password.  This protects your information from Joe-Bag-of-Doughnuts off the street!

PLEASE NOTE: Utah! Home Exchange DOES NOT ARRANGE THE EXCHANGE FOR YOU! You will do this yourself after you obtain contact information for your potential exchange partners. This better enables both parties to judge if these are the right people and the house for each other.

Our listings are always changing, watch for updates!

* Brigham Young said this when he first saw the Salt Lake Valley.

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